icon_facebookWelcome to Augusta Physical Therapy, Augusta County’s fastest growing treatment facility for physical therapy, sports medicine, fall prevention and rehabilitation.

At Augusta Physical Therapy we focus on treating patients as a whole, not just bits and pieces. We perform thorough evaluations to get the complete picture on what is causing your problem. We keep up with the latest cutting edge therapy techniques and specialize in hands-on manual therapy techniques. Each patient receives hands on therapy and customized exercise programs designed to address their individual needs. A better understanding of your diagnosis and prognosis for recovery allows you to be an active participant in the program. We enjoy teaching with visual aids such as pictures, diagrams and anatomical models. Our goal is to restore maximal function in the most efficient manner, hastening your return to regular daily activity, sports and work.
You Will Also Find…..
Augusta PT officeA relaxed and comfortable environment
Private treatment rooms have relaxing music and call bells for safety and convenience. You will be treated by the same therapist for each visit.
Familiar faces
See the same therapist for each visit.
Augusta Physical Therapy, PC is a professional corporation, owned by Alan S. Reitz, PT, CEO.

The Purpose of Augusta Physical Therapy, PC

  • To provide the best Physical Therapy services available to the members of our community in order to assist them to live the highest quality of life possible.
  • To educate the members of our community about the health benefits of Physical Therapy and how they may benefit from our Physical Therapy services.
  • To promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle by providing wellness services to our community.
  • To support community efforts which promote and provide for an improved quality of life for the members of our community.
  • To provide a work environment for our employees in which all can flourish and prosper.

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